Riding The ICON 360 Wheel & Saying Goodbye To Orlando #17

Here we go. I bet you’ve been looking forward to our very last post from the Orlando trip. Wondering just how many more could there be. Thank you to everyone who has read all 17 of these.

Our flight was in the early evening so we had a good chunk of the day to do our last hoorah of fun before being confined to an aircraft for nearly ten hours.

Any good day starts with a good breakfast. Wyndham Orlando Resort have a restaurant called Gatorville. They serve a really delicious buffet breakfast. I think it was the best we’d eaten for a while. Eva indulged in a plate of fruit, Elsa enjoyed many slices of toast and Freya had her favourite waffles with syrup. Hubby and I had an amazing full English fry up.

We checked out of Wyndham Orlando Resort, left our suitcases in a locked room in the Lobby and took our full tummies for a walk in the sunshine to attempt The Wheel at the ICON Park. It was closed the day before so we had been unable to experience it.

The Wheel is much like the London Eye here in the UK. The Wheel is actually only a tiny bit smaller. It’s essentially a huge ferris wheel with pods.

We happened to be one of the first people to ride that day. There was no queues so we hopped straight on board. It was a great way to see above Orlando. We got an aerial view of the hotel we’d just stayed at. You could also see in the far distance Universal and the Disney parks.

The entire experience lasts around 25 minutes. It’s really slow moving and is a lovely chilled out activity. The Wheel experience was actually kindly gifted to us through our hotel, but for a private pod it costs around $100 or individually it would be around $28 per person.

The girls (mainly Eva who is always after a thrill) did find it a little slow and not quite the entertaining adventures we had over the previous two weeks, but I enjoyed myself. It was a really nice way to finish the holiday and was really close to Wyndham, our hotel.

We popped into Walgreens for some mouth ulcer cream and acne cream. They have the best stuff in America! I’ve had my acne totally transformed since the holiday which is always great news.

I also wanted to mention the mifold Grab N Go Booster seats. If you’ve read my previous blog posts from our holiday, you will know that we made the decision not to hire a car. Instead we used Uber cars to get ourselves around. Although the car seat laws are very different in Florida as they are in the UK, we wanted to make sure the girls were safe when we travelled around.

The Mifold was so compact that it fit into our rucksacks or just at the bottom of our stroller. So it made the perfect travel companion to keep our girls safe.

We had about an hour to chill out in the hotel Lobby before we set off for the airport. The bright weather had disappeared to grey storms. I had began to get a little anxious that our flight would be delayed or cancelled.

We actually had a pretty horrific experience in Orlando airport and I have debated about whether to include it or not, but I definitely feel like I need to.

As you are probably aware our eldest daughter is diagnosed with Autism. Our youngest also suffers with sensory issues and we believe is autistic too. We organised for the girls to wear special lanyards and registered them with Virgin Atlantic. These lanyards and little badges with Virgin helps them to be recognised with a hidden disability. Gatwick staff and airport had been incredible.

Orlando International Airport was terrible. We had issues with the check in staff being abrupt, lacking in understanding of disabilities and very rude. We did approached our concerns to a manager who helped us get it resolved. However, the experience really upset Freya. It wasn’t the nicest way to end our holiday.

Thankfully our flight wasn’t delayed by too long. We was able to grab something to eat and have a sit down in the terminal. The Orlando airport is set out very differently to Gatwick in London.

Elsa doesn’t cope very well on flights but did manage about two hours of sleep. Sadly, I got zero sleep the entire flight which meant I had been awake for over 24 hours with the time zone differences.

We had such an incredible, once in a lifetime holiday to Orlando. We created memories that we’ll cherish forever. We also caught the Disney bug too so everything is all about Disney in this household.

The very last thing for me to do is share our very last Orlando video. I can’t believe it’s all over until next time.. Thank you so much to all the brands that worked with us to make this happen, and to all my readers and watchers for the support.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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