Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush Review

Both my girls are obsessed with toothbrushes. I’ve never had an issue with trying to get them to clean their teeth and I feel quite lucky about that. Dental hygiene becomes yet another worry parents face right from when they cut their very first tooth and with so many products out there it can become quite a nightmare… That’s just for my toothbrush and paste!!

Countless times I’ve found P1s toothbrush laying on the side of the sink, on the window sill, in the bedroom and even on the bathroom floor!! It mortifies me to think if I hadn’t noticed and cleaned the toothbrush then she’d be putting hundreds of horrible germs inside her mouth. It’s obviously not just a worry of mine as Hamish Khayat has invented, what I think is, the best toothbrush in the world!!!!


Rockabilly Kids is a stand alone toothbrush inspired by the “Weebles”. A toy my girls love by the way! Drop it, throw it, lay it down… It springs straight back up. This makes the toothbrush extremely hygienic as the brush will never be sitting for seconds, minutes or a whole day in residue water and germs.

The toothbrush itself has quite a weighty feel to it but is shaped perfectly to fit P1s hand. The brush head is detachable and it comes with three extra heads (four in total) meaning that this toothbrush can last a whole year without being replaced or any extra money spent.

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There are currently 6 cute characters and colours to choose from; Astronaut Andy (Dark Blue), Cowboy Clint (Yellow), Footballer Freddie (Green), Vet Valerie (Light Blue), Chef Cheryl (Light Pink) and Superstar Stella (Hot Pink). The toothbrushes are suitable from 3-7years of age and each cost £6.99. Personally I think that’s a bargain for a toothbrush that lasts the whole year!!!


I have one little niggle though… They need to be suitable for all ages!! Because I can just imagine a family of wobbly toothbrushes sitting on my sink or window sill. So please Hamish… Get inventing!!!

(We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All pictures and content are of my own)

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Excellent and hygienic invention to make brushing teeth fun!

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