Rockin’ Baby Patience Reversible Pouch Review

I really didn’t think I’d be such a lover of baby wearing but I am. I talk about it a lot on my blog and I’ve been lucky enough to try many types of carrier. The latest one is very different to the usual ones I’ve had. It’s the Rockin’ Baby Pouch.

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We have the Patience Reversible Pouch and I really love the bold pattern and it’s the girliest carrier I have which suits me just nicely. The pouch is 100% cotton and made in the USA. There are three sizes each with interlocking zips to create a perfect fit. I chose the XS size which is for petite people, the website suggests for 4’10”-5’9″ but I’m only 4’7.5″ and it fits really well. There are several positions for the pouch, however it’s recommended by Rockin’ Baby to use the hip carry for the best comfort for both you and baby.

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Rockin’ Baby was set up in 2002 but in 2011 when Kathryn Wiley purchased the company things changed for the better and Rockin’ Baby began to change the lives of women around the world. Now, for every sling purchased at Rockin’ Baby, they donate a sling to a mother in Haiti and Kenya. Now in 2015 they are soon expanding to selling children’s clothes and they are going to be donating the same quantity sold to children in need. If that alone is not a good enough reason to buy from Rockin’ Baby then I don’t know what is!!


In all honesty I haven’t found this carrier to be overly easy to get along with for baby wearing. Although it’s extremely easy to fit and wear, I have felt very restricted with my movements of both arms but mainly the one opposite to the side I’m carrying P3 on. I do think I need to watch some more YouTube videos and use it a bit more to really get used to it. I really love the bright pattern and Rockin’ Baby’s ethics. P3 does feel secure when we wear the pouch and I have no safety concerns over the pouch, I just truly believe that baby carriers are a bit like marmite, you either love them or you don’t.

This pouch retails at £59, you can buy directly from Rockin’ Baby and they ship worldwide!


Value for money

Beautiful design and easy to use.

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