Round Like A Circle

I’m feeling angry at myself. The anger gets stronger each day. I hate who I am. Who I’ve become. Where I’m heading. Why do I have no motivation?

I have three things I need to do:

1) Express milk.
2) Tidy the room.
3) Exercise.

I fail to even do one of those each day! All are as important as each other and I can’t manage to just do them!!!!

I’m missing some sort if vital gene that pushes you forward to succeed in normal every day tasks. I know it drives my OH insane. It’s driving me insane.

I need to express so I can gain a supply ready for weaning and for our wedding.

I need to tidy the room because its an absolute pig sty and we can barely move in there let alone find clothes easily.

I need to exercise because I need to tone up my body to fit perfectly into my wedding dress.

I need to do some sort of course, a course in “house wife duties” or something.

Sorry for the moany, depressive post. We had a wonderful day, especially this afternoon… Lots of fantastic photos taken which will be shared with you guys in a few weeks.

Goodnight and I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend…

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  1. Don’t be too hardon yourself, you’re looking after two children and one of those is still a needy newborn, so motivating yourself to do anything on top of the basics is tough!

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