Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

If you are new to my blog you may not know that we recently moved home. We moved to our first non-rental and part of doing up the entire property was fitting brand new carpet throughout. Honestly, moving felt like such a grown up stage of our lives even though we’d been living together in a rented property for the previous four years.

Buying carpet actually comes with a huge responsibility. Something I hadn’t really thought about if I’m honest. They can get ruined so easily especially having three young girls and two kittens running riot each day. I was really pleased to be asked to review the Rug Doctor Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner, although I am definitely sure Hubby was far more excited than I was.

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner arrived in a huge box, thankfully it was all put together with no need for assembly. The handle folds for easier storage and to make the cleaning process easier for little people like me. The unit comes with a small bottle of cleaning detergent which is really handy.

Inside the unit there are two water tanks; one for the clean water and one for dirty. They easily lift off for easy removal. The cap for the clean water tank also doubles up as a measuring cup for the detergent, I loved this addition as it made measuring out what was needed so much quicker.

After filling up the water with hot tap water and cleaning detergent, to operate the Deep Carpet Cleaner you simply plug it in. Honestly, if you can work a hoover then you can use the Rug Doctor. It’s obviously much heavier than a standard hoover but it still moves really easily on carpet.

There are several buttons or switches depending on the function you are using. It has two main functions; carpets and upholstery. Then there is also a power spray option for extra detergent to be sprayed for those tougher stains or dirtier carpets. As you hold down the button, it sprays the water detergent solution and spins the brushes at the same time. When you release the button, the water stops and vacuums up the water and dirt. You must walk in a backwards direction.

The picture above is of the dirty water tank after cleaning just our entrance hall downstairs. I was honestly so shocked. We’ve only had the carpets for about five months and it’s astonishing just how much grime is there that you just cannot see.

Rug Doctor do many different products to help with all eventualities of family life. The Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator spray is perfect for the toilet training stage and if you have pets too. You spray it directly onto the accident and vacuum it back up with the Rug Doctor. I had a great opportunity to use this the other day when our beloved kitten decided to use our carpet as his toilet. There was no stain left which was brilliant.

We were also sent two different types of Spot & Stain Remover products. One was in a spray form to be used with the Rug Doctor and the other as a wipe. I think the wipe idea is brilliant for us as a family when we need to mop something like tea or soup. They can be used on fabrics and upholstery, and are perfect for removing any stubborn stains from your car’s interior.

The Rug Doctor Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner is perfect for cleaning inside your car, mattresses or sofas or any other fabric in your home. This specific cleaning solution is designed for the hand tool, it minimises foaming which in turn helps the fabric dry quicker. Brilliant for things like travel sickness, I know a bit gross but something our family deals with regularly.

This cleaning solution is also perfect for use in your car by using the hand tool. The hand tool is easily inserted into the unit and comes with a really cool caddy to hold the tubing, this can be clipped onto the unit or stored elsewhere. The size of the hand tool makes cleaning harder to reach areas much simpler. Hubby was very excited to clean our car boot specifically.

I’m not sure if the photo shows it properly but our boot was previously (before we owned it) used for transporting rocks, rubble and other building tools. It had quite a few mud stains most likely from P2’s horse riding boots and with Hubby being quite car-proud, he rushed to get the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner outside on his car.

The hand tool sprays the cleaning solution and then vacuums the liquid up just like the main Rug Doctor. It has bristles underneath which help to scrub up the dirt and stains. As you scroll down you will see the colour of the water emitted from our car boot and foot well carpets. It’s disgusting! But you can see how effective the Rug Doctor is for cleaning, even when using the hand tool. Read more about carpet cleaning here.

We then decided to move on to our sofas. We have cream coloured sofas that are second hand and kindly given to us by Hubby’s Nan and Grandad. We’ve been meaning to get the covers washed but it’s always one of those things that makes you cringe. Taking off and fixing sofa cushion covers back on is honestly a living nightmare! Almost, if not worse than making four beds.

I actually didn’t think that the covers looked that dirty. We have the odd chocolate hand print or ketchup skid mark here and there but generally I thought they were in really good condition for second hand CREAM fabric sofas. We used the Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner again for our sofas as it says that the formula dries quicker and we had guests due on this day.

I witnessed those moments you see the Rug Doctor on a telly advert and laugh because it looks so fake. It happened right in front of my eyes, a line of clean bright fabric in the middle of dirty. Honestly it was so astonishingly shocking at the filth coming out of our sofa cushions.

I am beyond impressed at the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner. I witnessed the sheer amount of germs and dirt that our house accumulates in just five months. You can hire the Rug Doctor from loads of different places, I’m sure our local Tesco has them actually, but having this under our stairs to hand whenever an accident or spillage happens is amazing. Honestly it’s just as easy as pulling out the hoover and hoovering around your house.

You can buy the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner for yourself which I’d definitely recommend to any family or home with pets. I honestly think it is well worth the money. I also filmed a video which I’m actually super proud of which shows the Rug Doctor in action and our dirt in all its glory! Please head over to my channel to subscribe.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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Really effective cleaning for our carpet. We found it really easy to manoeuvre around the house.

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