Running On … Zilch

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a bad nights sleep. It was seriously dreadful.

I was disturbed by every member of my little family; My OH, P1 and of course P2!

P1 came home from my Grandparents asleep so we put her straight to bed as it was her bedtime anyway.

P2 didn’t go to sleep until 11pm. My OH and I didn’t go to sleep until nearer midnight.

1:24am – P1 awake.

Somewhere between then and 2:30 my OH rudely elbowed me in the face in his sleep supposedly.

3:40am – door starts to open. P1 comes in apologising that she just couldn’t sleep until morning. Saying sorry over and over again. I explained she had to go to sleep and took her back to bed.

Took ages for me to get back to sleep. When I finally did I was once again disturbed by my OH pretty much pushing me to the edge of the bed with his knee.

6am – P2 awake for a feed. Then straight back to sleep. I dozed off pretty quick to then hear the morning alarm at 6:45am.


But I’ve managed the day, had no energy to rush about and get P1 to nursery so she stayed with me. We went for breakfast at the Roebuck with my Grandparents. We then headed to Clay Cottage for a painting session. And then home for a chilled day.

This evening I’m off out with my OH for a meal and a bit of a wander around Lakeside!

My day has nearly been completed with zero energy drinks and zero sleep! Shattered.

20130522-053406 PM.jpg

20130522-053412 PM.jpg

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