Salt Dough Creations (Before Oven)

P1 has an obsession with playdoh at the moment and it really annoys me (playdoh not my daughters love for it) We tend to get all the pots out, make something and then leave it for too long and it gets all hard and needs to be chucked. It suddenly dawned on me to make salt dough! I did this as a child and at least P1 could keep her creations when they dry out. I used my Mum’s recipe:

1 cup salt
1 cup water
2 cups plain flour
You can either leave them to dry naturally or if you have inpatient children like me then bake then for 1hour and half. (or longer if the creations are thicker) on Gas Mark 1 – 200F

Mix flour and salt together. Add the water slowly until dough sticks together. Knead until consistency of playdoh – spongey and not too sticky.

I found my dough was too sticky for the surface we were using so had to keep adding flour but it was the first time I’d made the dough myself. Trial and error.
We just started with simple things today. I just wanted to show P1 and let her have a taster of making salt dough creations. (Plus we are pushed for time as we have a party to attend this afternoon)

We did really well and I’m so glad I have a daughter who shares my enthusiasm for art.

Here’s our photos of before they went in the oven:










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  1. Love this! What a fun and frugal family activity! Thanks for sharing. Found you via Moms Write 2 Unite.

  2. That handprint is adorable! Fun!!

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