Salt Dough Creations (Painting Process)

After properly checking on our salt dough creations – I discovered they were a little spongey still! And because I promised P1 she could paint them today I’ve had to scramble about and cook some more quickly.

I added more salt than before and placed a tray on the top on them to stop the air from rising inside. Seems to have done the trick.


Unfortunately, I had to chuck the handprint of P1. But now I know the trick to these I’ll be able to create one of both girls when P2 eventually arrives.

What I thought was going to be a really quick and easy thing to do with P1 has seemed to been stretched across several days now. We’ve managed to bake and paint. We used poster paints and kids paint brushes. Surprisingly, P1 didn’t make much mess.

Here’s the photos from our painting session:





I will be “glazing” P1s creations and finishing mine tomorrow. I sat for about 15minutes with the hair dryer but I haven’t been feeling fantastic tonight so gave up.

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