Sands Alive Cake Shop Review

I am going to say it out right, right now! I nearly turned this product down to review. I’m trying my best to be more selective this year and only choose products that I honestly believe in to share with you. This one didn’t scream too much excitement at first but there was this tugging at my heart strings that wanted to try something a bit different with my girls and the “easy mould” sealed the deal.

We received the Sands Alive Cake Shop through the door a few weeks ago now. I clearly had my doubts but I was so incredibly wrong to have them. Instantly the girls faces all lit up. As I opened the box I was even more impressed that the kit came with its very own play tray. So, Sands Alive Cake Shop is a super soft modelling sand with a few cake related moulds and two rolling pins with indented shapes in. It also comes with two coloured sands; pink and white.

Inevitably the pink and white sands were going to get mixed. At first we had lots of fun seeing all the different patterns that the two different colours made inside the moulds. P2 played nicely with the sands inside the tray whilst P3 couldn’t quite grasp that concept. The Sands Alive Cake Shop is suitable for ages three and above so this is probably why P3 was just shaping willy nilly, she especially enjoyed the rolling pins where one had bows and the other was fruit shapes.

It’s really hard to describe the sand inside this kit. Hubby managed to find a way to describe it by saying it feels just like you’d imagine a cloud to feel. It was light, fluffy, soft and just completely different to anything I’ve ever felt. The sand says that it doesn’t leave stains, which so far it hasn’t. However, it does leave a strange residue on your fingers for a little while after, nothing yucky but more like you’ve just moisturised your hands or something. The sand in this does not dry out and is recommended to be stored in a container that isn’t air tight, so far this theory is correct for us and we’ve had many many hours of fun over a few weeks already.

The sand is really easy to mould into shapes and those shapes stay really well unlike another similar brand we’ve had in the past. I do recommend supervising the play with this toy as I nipped upstairs for the toilet and came down to the girls chucking it across the floor. Which left a lot of sand to relocate back into the tray. Having said that, the girls spent so much time playing with the Sands Alive Cake Shop kit. They’ve not played so peacefully in a very long time and I am on the hunt for more kits from this brand.

The Sands Alive Cake Shop costs £19.99 and despite being pretty blown away at the fun we had from this, I’m not sure it’s worth £19.99 as the parts are basic plastic.

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Value For Money

Super fun!

This product is literally like playing with clouds. The sand is easy to mould and doesn't dry out. Perfect for kids.

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