Saturday Sleep

Yesterday was a very chilled day. My OH has been feeling pretty yucky for the past few days, probably caught from P1, so just wanted a day of relaxing.

P1 spent the whole day upstairs in my brothers room with my Mum and stepdad – they are decorating it for when he gets back today from seeing his Dad. Living with my parents has its advantages – she loves spending time with her Nanny. Thank you Mum!

P2 spent the majority of the day asleep – in my arms. This is quite unusual for her nowadays, she prefers napping on the bed or in her bouncer during the day so I quite enjoyed the snuggles but she’s given my OH the false impression that I have it easy during the week! She’s not normally that sleepy.

When she eventually decided to stay awake for longer than half hour she was a happy, chatty baby and we had a lovely evening with her. We also skipped the screaming she normally does before bedtime – however it was a later bedtime. She woke at 1:30am and then at 6:15am so I definitely can’t complain.

What age were your kids when they first slept through the whole night?

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  1. My son started sleeping a 6 hour stretch (the scientific definition of STTN) after his last feed of the day when he was 7 weeks old. Then, for three nights before his 3 month growth spurt, he slept from 20:00 – 07:00. But now, we are having fun with the 4 month sleep regression and he’s back to his newborn ways (actually he wasn’t even that bad as a newborn) and waking 6-7 times throughout the night. Grrr….

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