Saturday’s Goings On

Last night P1 had an evening out with my Mum & D. So my OH offered to take P2 and me out for a Wimpy dinner.
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I managed to enjoy a lovely quiet meal with my OH without P2 waking up. Well she woke as I was having my last mouthful. We sat and chatted about all sorts of things, and actually nothing to do with the girls. Even though we had P2 with us it felt like a break from parenthood.

Today, we are completely converting from disposable to cloth nappies. Including wipes. I’m feeling slightly nervous about the increase in washing but my excitement for it has helped push my conversion.

P2 is happily wearing her new nappy, and our changing bag is all packed ready for swimming with P1. After swimming I’ve decided to treat P1 to yet another trip to TumbleTown (now owned by Monkey Madness) and we invited my Mum along too. It’ll be a girly afternoon.

My OH wants to do some website work, that’s what he does as a sideline to his job, and he wanted me to keep the girls in the lounge/out his way. And to be honest I want to keep out of his way… He’s sometimes a little stroppy when he needs to concentrate and all I want to do is talk because I’ve missed him all week.
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