Sausage Fingers

The time has come for me to remove my rings. I’m devastated! My fingers have increased in size but my midwife isn’t concerned. I am! Removing my rings is a huge concern to me.

These symptoms never happened to me the first time round. Although I didn’t have any rings to remove back then and I didn’t come this far with my pregnancy either.

The first ring to have to come off was my 18th birthday gift from my grandparents. I haven’t taken this ring off since I got it.

The second is my engagement ring. This ring I have taken off – every time I wash up, or have a bath. I’m too scared for it to lose its beauty! However, not having it on out of those times is horrible. Feels like a part of me is missing. Like I’m betraying my OH in a weird way.

I want my skinny fingers back!

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