School Appeal Hearing

Life has been utterly crazy recently. I feel like I’m knee deep in wedding planning, business planning and parenting.

To top that off, our Internet is down at home which means I’m stuck with shoddy iPhone Internet.
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Today, well today was really scary! We had our school appeal hearing today. My OH and I dressed up, him in his suit and me in my pencil skirt, flowery blouse and heels.

When we arrived I was terrified. We agreed that I would speak and give our side of the appeal, so not only was I worrying about that I was also worrying about how behaved P2 would be.

The head teacher gave her side of the appeal, and then we did. P2 had a little grizzle and I bravely got my boob out for her in front of three strangers sitting opposite us. It was very embarrassing, but I hope they can see that I try to do my the best for my girls.

According to my OH, the whole meeting went well and we have done the best we can do our end. We have about two weeks now to wait until we find out what school P1 will get into.

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