School Disappointment

3:30am – P2 is having a feed. It’s been a restless night so far. Check my emails to see we have already received P1s primary school offer. Nearly burst into tears as she’s not been offered where we applied!

We viewed three schools in the area, you are meant to put three schools of choice down. We hated two out of three and only put one as we were told it was a low birth rate for this years school starters – bollocks!

We had so many reasons for her to be offered a place at this one, mainly health reasons. But at the end of the day it really is a name out the hat situation! I bet they don’t even bother to read the applications properly, read all the reasons.

So at 4am my OH and I were composing a refusal email! Which has been sent. I wish I knew more about homeschooling because I cannot let P1 go to the school she was offered a place in – their OFSTED report was disgusting.

Anyone else unhappy with their offered place for primary school/happy that your child has got exactly where you want?

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