“School seems to be ruining everything I worked hard to create”

20131105-062735 pm.jpgI spoke to the teacher this morning about P1s hair incident. I wish I hadn’t now to be honest. Ok, the teacher was extremely apologetic and I felt reassured that she was going to speak with P1 and the girl involved.

However, when getting her home today and asking her about her day at school she owned up to actually cutting her hair herself. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel embarrassed, angry, let down and confused. Especially when she said “I lied so you wouldn’t find out and be angry”. My perfect little girl lied AND blamed an innocent child. I’m disgusted.

I have absolutely no idea how to deal with this situation. How to punish the lying that she seems to frequently be doing. How to understand why she would think it’s ok to cut her hair off! She’s always so good and this just means I can’t trust her anymore?!

I’ve always been so proud of how good and grown up she is… Not because I’m bias as her mother but she’s generally a child that can be trusted not to do stupid things. Like running across the road, playing with sockets, playing with ornaments etc etc. She’s never done any of that but now, well now I don’t think I can trust her and I feel devastated to even be thinking that.

I’m upset. School seems to be ruining everything I worked hard to create in P1. I want my little girl back!!!!

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  1. Poor you, sounds like a really difficult time you’re navigating through with P1 but I’m sure it’s probably just a phase she’s going through while she’s adjusting to lots of new things in her life – new sister, new home, new school. Am sure things will sort themselves out in the end in the meantime don’t be too hard on yourselves xxx

  2. It happens hun, and it’s so darn annoying especially when you try to hard to raise a good well behaved child. We have hit a spot of lying, attitude and general rudeness recently (all since starting school). We even had an apisode of attempted stealing from a shop!!!! It’s fustrating, we now have a three point plan that we are starting at the weekend as we had well and truly had enough the other day. I hope you find a solution xxxxx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      P1 has had a lot of change recently. We tend to be constantly negative towards her “don’t do this. Don’t do that” etc so from tomorrow we are planning to focus on all the good things and not give attention to the bad stuff. Hope that works.

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