Schwarzkopf Color Mask Review

My hair and my image in general was getting me down after having P3. I’m sure you’re all aware that I decided to have a hair colour change. Quite a drastic one really, brunette to blonde!!

I have to admit that I was hoping for a more “white” blonde than it is but becoming a blonde has really lifted my mood and it was certainly the right decision.


As you can imagine, my roots came through pretty quickly which is the downside of having such a drastic colour change. We were sent a Schwartzkopf Color Mask to review which came in very handy for my roots.

Color Mask is designed to care for your hair at every process of colouring. It has a creamy texture to help prevent any dripping during colouring.

My hubby coloured my hair previously and whenever I’ve had it done before it was either my mum or the hairdresser that did it. This time hubby was in complete agony with his tooth and it was the morning of the Christmas party at my MiLs, so I had to colour my hair myself.

I found it really easy to mix all the bits together. The Color mask product has a big pot which makes it less fiddly than other products I’ve used. It resembles shampoo or conditioner when mixed and that’s exactly how you apply it. My hubby said that he didn’t like this because with the product we used before it had a small nozzle which allowed you to get deep into the roots.


I actually found using the Color mask by myself very simple. I wanted to colour the whole of my head really as I wanted a slight lift in colour, but there wasn’t enough (my hair is extremely long) so I concentrated on my roots then spread over the rest of my hair sparingly.

It took the full recommended 45minutes to transform my roots from brown to blonde and to be honest they still had a slight orange tinge to them. I could really feel a difference in products though and benefited from the claimed 30% extra care. When combing through my hair the knots came out easily without a mess that resembled a birds nest.

I’m really pleased with the results and experience of using Schwartzkopf Color Mask. The shade that I used was 1070 Crystal Blonde.


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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I’ve had mixed success with Shwarzkopf products – I can find it a little greasy sometimes but I think as I suffer from naturally greasy hair, dying will do that to me.

    Lizzie Dripping

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