Scissor Addiction

The title of this makes it sound like a really bad post but it’s not!

Whilst at my Grandad’s P1 has been learning how to cut things out with scissors. I can’t believe how grown up she is getting.




She’s always asking to use the scissors now, part of me gets all nervous about her chopping her fingers off, but then I know she has to learn – She’s going to school this September!

Well, we hope so anyway, as of now, we refused the school she was offered and are going to do the appeal process… I just think that maybe we should back down and just be grateful that she has a school and an education ahead of her. But I want what is best for P1 and the offered school certainly is not what is best.

We have to be happy and excited about the school in order to make the whole change a happy and exciting time for P1 too. It’s just not going to happen if we just put up with the school the council have chosen for us.

How are you all finding the school admissions process this year?



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