Serious Words Body

Right body. I need serious words with you.

I do not need preparing for a newborn… I’ve been there done that. I do however need to sleep! For a couple of hours at a time would be nice!?

I don’t want to be getting up every 15minutes to use the toilet.

I don’t want to be sweating buckets and feeling uncomfortable because of that.

I don’t want the itchiest skin ever when I uncover myself to cool down.

I don’t want to feel like I haven’t eaten for days just because I’ve been awake for too long.

Get the picture body? This is not healthy, this is not achieving anything and this is certainly not amusing!!!!

You let me sleep perfectly fine once it hits 9am. I mean you don’t actually let me physically keep my eyes open and awake for a full day and this is not fair on P1! She needs me and I feel like I haven’t seen her all week.

Please let me join my man for a decent NIGHT sleep!

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