“She could of cut her foot open”

20130921-091043 am.jpgIt’s 9am and this photo pretty much sums up my day so far!

I broke a plate whilst washing up. Then P1 broke a glass that she accidentally knocked over. I told her to stay exactly where she was, so of course she jumped up onto the sofa! It’s simple things like that which push me to the limit. I’ve never shouted so loud. I wasn’t angry at the glass. I was angry at P1 for disobeying me. She could of cut her foot open!!

Luckily she didn’t and I explained why I had shouted so loud. But still. Why can’t kids just listen and do as they are told. Naughtiness stems from such a young age. As adults we roughly know how to behave, so where do kids get the influence of misbehaviour?!

Anyway, onwards and upwards. It’s my hen night tonight. A surprise arranged by my friends. All I know is what to wear and when/where I’ve got to meet them. Which doesn’t leave any clues because it’s at my friends house!! Typical. I’m rather excited though and a little nervous.

It’s the first time I’ve left P2 for a full night. She’ll be with her daddy whilst P1 is having a sleepover round her Nanny’s. It will be the first time my OH has been her sole carer in all of 7months. He won’t have me to guide him or do her nappy. He can’t go too wrong… I hope. He’s actually rather excited so that’s a good thing.

Wish us all luck….

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