“She goes there a little moody, but comes out bouncing and even runs the whole way home”

Of all the things we could teach P2, my OH has decided to teach her to tongue click. This happened when I was not in the room. Seriously I have spent hours trying to get her to say “mama” and even “dada” although I’d be devastated if that was her first word. But no, I’ve had no luck on that front.


No clapping – I’ve tried. No crawling – I’ve tried all sorts of enticing things. No talking – Many repetitive things said to her. Nope, we just have a tongue clicking 7 month old. Now, when I speak to her she just clicks at me. It’s hilarious.


P1 has been doing great at school too. She goes there a little moody, but comes out bouncing and even runs the whole way home! We’ve been doing a lot of walking because we literally live 2 minutes walk from the school. I think all the fresh air and the typical English weather is the cause of the horrid cold/sore throat/temperature that I have experienced since the weekend. P2 has also been under the weather and I can hear P1 and my OH slowly getting it too! I feel a lot healthier though by getting up and out the door early, even if I do come straight back home and plod about the house until pick up time.


I’m really enjoying being in Kent so far, and I haven’t even joined any baby classes or groups yet as I’m still unpacking.


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