“She has a tongue-tie”

I’m 99% sure that P3 is teething. She’s suddenly become a dribbling wreck and is quite partial to a bit of finger munching… My fingers and hers. Whilst on a little session of chewing my finger I felt something familiar. A tongue-tie just like mine. Obviously, I’m no doctor but it played on my mind a bit.

I’ve lived with a tongue-tie my entire life. It doesn’t effect my speech or eating but it is rather annoying. For example, I can’t lick my top lip like other people, I can’t stick my tongue out very far, the tie used to become quite sore when I had braces, I can’t feel my teeth. My hubby always jokes about the tie. I’ve always been too scared to ask for it to be cut.

I had a doctors appointment to check that my coil was all ok after being fitted 6 weeks ago. Cheekily I asked the doctors if she could take a quick look to see what she thought. Thankfully, and because I’m still bleeding and didn’t fancy the doctor prodding around in my lady regions, she took a look inside P3s mouth. She has a tongue-tie. Just like her Mum but unlike her sisters and Daddy.


This confirmation has made me realise that our breastfeeding failures were probably not my fault after all. I’ve spent all this time thinking my milk wasn’t good enough or that I was stressed too much and that was the reason she wasn’t feeding properly and gaining weight. I’m now convinced that actually it was the tongue-tie causing our problems. Why did no one, including me, think to check something like this?

I want her tie to be cut. I’ve researched it a lot and it seems to be a pretty easy and straight forward procedure. According to the doctors she’ll have to meet certain criteria now that she’s older and bottle fed. We have an appointment next week to discuss it all properly.

Do you/did you have a tongue-tie? What problems have you encountered because of it?

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  1. My baby had a tongue tie and they cut it when he was 2 weeks old apparently it didn’t hurt him it was just distressing for him to be restrained. It wasn’t nice to watch me and daddy cried but he was fine as soon as I picked him up and stick a bottle in his mouth lol. They did it there and then at our what we thought was just a consultation.

  2. Oh tongue tie. Such a hot topic in my house right now! I wish they’d check at birth and snip it there and then!! Elsie had her postertior tie snipped 2 weeks ago and feeding is still hard going. Poor babies, I hope you get it sorted soon.
    Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x

  3. What a shame that this has only just been picked up. It’s not your fault though – so you mustn’t blame yourself. She is SO cute by the way. All that hair!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I know. I have so many emotions surrounding this subject. I feel let down by the health professionals and i feel angry at myself for not checking despite the fact i have a tie myself!

  4. My son had the same, but I luckily the midwife noticed before I left hospital with him and they cut it then & there, they said that is why he struggled to Breast feed at first and once it was cut he fed instantly. X

  5. Good job you knew what it could be and could do something about it. It drives me insane that tongue tie isn’t something that is checked for at birth, or at least before the baby goes home from hospital.

    N has a tongue tie. Like you, breastfeeding didn’t happen. I had a csection and after 3 days of trying to BF and 3 days of him latching (supposedly well according to the hospital BF expert) and not sucking at all, we had to try formula, which worked perfectly. A week later after I’d continued to try at home and was trying to pump (not very successfully at all), I gave up and stuck to formula. Having had a cs and a husband back at work straight away, I had no way of getting into baby cafe for breastfeeding support, and noone to come out to me. Formula was working so I didn’t push it. Not once was N checked for tongue tie by midwives or by health visitors. I had no idea about it, because that’s not mentioned in books, antenatal classes, so unless you know someone who goes through it, it’s a mystery. I do know quite a few people whose babies were tongue tied, but most were picked up while they were breast feeding and having problems, hence why we’d been missed because it hadn’t got started.

    Roll on 2.5 years, I have a super sonic dribbling toddler. It was nursery that picked up on it because some of his sounds and lack of clarity in speech were similar to another similar aged child who was tongue tied. Turns out dribbling excessively can be a symptom, and the forked tongue when he sticks it out.

    By the time we were referred and had a speech therapy appointment, his speech had improved, his dribbling had stopped and the Speech therapist checked his speech and was happy it wasn’t affecting him. Otherwise we might have had to have made the decision to go through general anaesthetic which we wouldn’t have wanted.

    It’s definitely something I believe should be checked at birth, or at least be included in breastfeeding troubleshooting talks. There also needs to be more midwives qualified to do the snipping because people round here are referred and it takes weeks, even if they’re not putting on weight as they should be and struggling with feeding from breast and bottle.

    Good luck with your tongue tie journey.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Oh wow. Thank you for commenting. I just spoke to my health visitor who has told me to see the breastfeeding support people next week to get referred. Im very frustrated as our bf journey may have been so much easier.

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