She Just Loves Her Mumma!

I love the closeness I get from co-sleeping with P2. But in all honesty I haven’t co-slept in ages!!

Last night, I was pretty much forced to co-sleep. P2 didn’t fall asleep until 11pm. She was put in her Moses as normal.

She then woke up at 12:15!!!!!!!!! I fed her, then when she was fast asleep, I put her in the Moses. She woke up straight away and cried. I tried leaving her, no luck – it just woke the OH up.

I got her back into bed with me where she fell straight to sleep without boobie. I put her back carefully again. nope! So I decided to sterilise her dummy at 1am!!!

8minutes later and approx. 1minute in her mouth she was asleep in the Moses basket. Result! She usually hates her dummy, but I was desperate to get her to sleep without being in my bed!

I soon fell asleep, to be woken up at 4am. Where I decided enough was enough. We co-slept. She slept soundly. I didn’t.

I never do when I co-sleep. I’m always half aware. Therefore I’ve had a rubbish night sleep, P1 has blood tests this morning very early!

My night was worse than P2s newborn days!!!!!

20130515-063431 AM.jpg

20130515-063441 AM.jpg

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  1. Oh but the 2nd photo of her sleeping is TOO CUTE! her little face is just brilliant! xx

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