“she turned towards me and instantly fell asleep”

I’ve been trying, loosely, to wean from co-sleeping. I say loosely because I usually get more and better sleep when we co-sleep so I’m fine with her in bed. My OH misses our cuddles and waking up to me in the morning. He now wakes up, more often than not, to P2 smacking him in the face. Not quite so romantic!

Anyway, we have been co-sleeping mainly in the early hours of the morning onwards. She’ll get put in her cot at bedtime. Last night was hilarious! I fell asleep with her on my chest whilst watching telly with my OH, we spent about 40minutes like that and then I woke and put her in her cot.

After about 5 minutes P2 stirred and my OH picked her up and tried to rock her back to sleep. Fail! She was wide awake. So my OH put her into bed next to me, where she turned towards me and instantly fell asleep.
20130817-104209 AM.jpgThis little lady knows exactly where she wants to be. For the first time in what feels like forever, P2 slept until 5:30am, where she had a feed and fell straight back to sleep until 9am.

The last time I had a decent night sleep I ended up in hospital with a migraine so feeling a little nervous today! P1 has been ultra cheeky today. We are still living with my parents, usually they give P1 her breakfast and I only ever know she’s awake when I first get up for a wee. She never comes in to our room to wake us up, which I guess has its upsides.

Well this morning she had a little tiff with her Grandad. P1 told us that she had asked Grandad for breakfast and that he’d shouted. So there was me feeling sorry for her and letting her have a M&M as a treat and promising her hot chocolate after her breakfast. I went and asked my Step-Dad why he’d shouted at her and that’s when I got the real story!!

She was told not to smack her Nanny’s iPad and continued. She then resulted in poking her Grandad in the eye as she didn’t like him telling her what to do! Since then P1 has repeating pretty much everything, when I say “no” to having Haribo and sweets she’s just repeating and repeating. She’s only been awake a short amount of time and I’m already wishing it was bedtime!

Let’s hope P1s behaviour improves today otherwise I’m going to end up screaming!

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