“she’ll be the smallest but with the biggest attitude”

20130902-110618 PM.jpgOh no! The time has come. She’s been bathed, fed, stories read, a long chat and on time bedtime… Yup, P1 is starting her school career tomorrow! Tomorrow?!

I swear it doesn’t seem real. I think back of my school memories. They were the toughest years of my life but they were also the very best too. I’m hoping things will be a little different in this generation less bullying would be nice. P1 is just like me, she’ll be the smallest but with the biggest attitude. She’s brainy too.

I’ve made my first pack lunch today. I stared at it for ages wondering if I was packing enough food, enough variety, things she’d like and things that wouldn’t cause her any trouble with eating alone. I think I’ve mastered it but that’s for another post.

We’ve also had excellent news. We are moving out! People that have followed my journey for a whole will know that my little family – me, my OH, P1 & P2 have been living with my parents for about 9 months now. It’s been fantastic having the support but it’s been difficult and in all honesty my relationship with my parents has really started to crumble. So the fact we are moving very soon is very exciting.

Finally our own home to bring up our own kids! Oh and walk around naked if we fancy it…

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