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She’s Going To Summer School

Yup, you read it right, I’m sending my eldest to summer school. A month or so ago we received a letter from P1s school offering her a place for the summer school. I think this is only offered to a select amount of children who require extra help with school work. P1 is struggling which the school are on top of which is excellent.

I was really torn about sending her to summer school. It wasn’t compulsory and to be honest we needed the break from school runs after a hard few weeks of walking to and from school twice a day. But then on the other hand, this summer school was being offered to benefit her and so we couldn’t really say no.

The summer school is for five days. It starts at the usual school time of 8:50am and she has learning up until lunch time. She’ll then have lunch and head off to the After School Club that is running. P1 goes to this once a week and adores her time there, so she is pretty excited about having extra time there during summer school. We don’t have to pick her up until 6pm! It’s a long day. 9 hours!

P1 is really excited about it. But now that the day has arrived I feel sick. Part of me wants to make an excuse and keep her at home because it’s the holidays. It’s time for fun and although we have some things planned for this week, I feel like P1 should be joining us for those too. I feel very torn still even though she’s heading off this morning. I feel a little bit cheated of our school holidays.

Has your child ever been to a summer school at their school?

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  1. I didn’t know summer schools were even a thing! I’m sure she’ll love it when she’s there x

  2. My eldest daughter doesn’t start school until September and I don’t think they offer summer school. I can see why you are torn, not an easy decision to make x

  3. I think it will be a real benefit to her, and to you and your other two girls as well as you can spread slightly less thinly!

  4. What a great way to help kids that need a little extra. I’m sure she’ll love it when she is there. Xxx

  5. I didn’t even know that schools did this. I’m sure it will all go well, and there will be friends of hers to play with. The summer holidays are long so it will help with that for sure x

  6. I think is great they are offering her extra help and I am sure she will love it, my girls are going to holiday club one day a week through the summer just because it gives us some structure and gives me a chance to get some work done! xx

  7. Ah I can totally understand why your are torn, your want whats best for her but you also want to give her the summer holidays like everyone else. I wouldn’t be so torn if that were me in that position. I think you made the right decision funny. xx

  8. I’m not sure if where I live do this. I think its a good idea if its beneficial for ur child.

  9. Beth @ Twinderelmo

    I don’t think in our area they offer this but I guess if it’s going to be beneficial then why not? The summer break really does drag on and it’s probably a nice mix up in the middle for her plus I’m sure she will have some little friends there too so she will really enjoy it xx

    • I think it’s just for children who are struggling. I didn’t know about it until this time so it’s probably kept quiet.

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