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It has definitely been a while since I’ve written a specific toy review, this feels rather odd but very exciting. This blog has been a lot about our travel adventures over the past year so what better way to mix things up than with a toy review ahead of Christmas. Oh no I dared to mutter the C word in October – sorry!

The girls recently had three cute fur friends arrive for us to get to know. I’ve been a bit out of touch with the latest toys as my girls are annoyingly steering towards the online world over physical toys. That’s the world we’re living in right now. Basically, I have no idea what’s in or not. These are apparently super cool according to my ladies.

The three fur friends are from the Shimmer Stars range and there’s four to collect in total; Bubble the puppy, Twinkle the unicorn, Jelly Bean the cat and Pixie the panda. For those wondering, Jelly Bean is a white cat with gorgeous green eyes. Each of the gorgeous characters were so soft and cuddly.

Shimmer Stars are suitable for ages 4 and above, they cost around £20 depending on which store you buy from. I love that they came in a cardboard box which can be recycled and there wasn’t too much extra packaging, a few ties and a little plastic bag containing the sequins.

The Shimmer Stars pets come with the soft toy itself, a wand which has over 200 reusable sequins aka glimmer shimmers inside, one headband for your child or grown up I suppose, one comb, one tutu scrunchy (that I didn’t realise was a scrunchy until much later on during our play), one collar, and one hair elastic with a bow tie.

The idea of this toy is to get creative, decorate your toy with the sequins I mean glimmer shimmers but you can also use the sequins on your own hair too. I initially thought what a gimmick, how can sequins stick to a cuddly toy/human hair?!

The wand comes apart to reveal the sequins inside. You then pop a glimmer shimmer in the centre of the star lid, and use the wand stick through the middle. It’s all a little magical if you ask me. You then place the sequin to the fur or your own hair and push the button at the end to release it. Then it truly does stick to the fur really securely. I love that you can do this over and over again, as long as the glimmer shimmers don’t get lost of course.

What I didn’t realise until the girls showed me, was that the accessories on the toy could be used as hair and jewellery accessories for us humans too. The little skirt doubled as a hair scrunchy. The collar was a cute bracelet and the bow in it’s hair was a hair bobble. Pretty clever and opens up the play and imagination so much further.

These three cuties (the toys not my monsters) have given so many hours of fun for the girls. They literally adore them and Elsa especially still takes her Twinkle the unicorn to bed each night. For once, I feel that these are priced really well and would make excellent gifts for friends or birthdays.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Cute friends!


Lots of fun

Brilliant toys that help to initiate engaging and creative fun. Lots of accessories included.

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