Shoes for a Hyper Mobile Child with Pisamonas

Nothing in the world can prepare you for parenthood. No manual, no blog or person can ever truly describe what it is like to be a parent. They do give you a slight idea and a slight guidance. When P1 arrived into this world I didn’t expect her to be so ill. I certainly didn’t expect her to arrive seven weeks early. As a first time mum, a teenage mum, I was thrown into the deep end with P1. Not only was she premature but as she grew and the months went on it was clear that she was special.

Her differences mainly began when she took her first few steps. It was much later than average but I began to notice her flat feet. Of course we were referred to various health professionals and P1 was diagnosed not with flat feet but with hypermobility. She was now labelled a hyper mobile child and this clearly meant that our future was going to be much tougher for both of us.


P1 needs insoles. She needs supportive shoes. She needs extra care. We’ve always been extremely careful when buying shoes for P1. Her walking deteriorates in shoes that do not fit or are uncomfortable. Pisamonas is an online Spanish children’s footwear company that have launched into France, Portugal and now the UK. Pisamonas offers fantastic quality shoes for all ages.


Pisamonas are designed and made in Spain. The shoes are all very traditional looking but totally cute! The prices are super affordable too but the main thing I love is the free deliveries AND free exchanges for sizes that do not fit. That for me is a huge plus point for an online shop. I don’t have to worry about P1 complaining about her feet when I buy from Pisamonas because we can swap sizes and make sure we get the right shoe for Miss Fussy Pots.

I’ve seen the importance of great shoes for P1 and therefore I am always on the look out for new companies offering great service and great products for my money. I certainly think Pisamonas offers this and so much more, plus as a Welcome to the UK they are offering £10 off on your first order when spending over £40. Hurry though as offer ends 28th Feb 2015!


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