Shopping Trips With A Newborn

I thought the 40 Acts challenge today was quite fitting really as I had plans to go to Primark Lakeside to spend my Christmas money from my Nan. Anyone who knows Primark shops know that you walk in and it’s like a jumble sale. Clothes everywhere you look. Including the floor! But when you arrive at 10am it’s like a completely different shop! It’s absolutely immaculate!!! £144 later… I have new clothes and P1 has a whole new wardrobe. I feel very sorry for the lovely lady serving me at the checkout who had to fold and put everything in the bag.

Lakeside have a lovely little “Baby Care Centre”. It’s gone downhill since P1 needed to use its facilities. However, I love that they cater for everything. Bottle warmers (not that I need them), 6 changing stations all equipped with a sink and bin disposal, a comfy bench for parents to bottle feed, a buggy park area, a secluded room for breastfeeding mothers and a toilet that has two toilets in for those moments when you don’t fit in the public cubicle. Baby heaven.

We then had to pop to Asda. Oh my what a hassle! I hate food shopping – I’ve probably said it loads of times in my blog. I came face to face with an issue; you know the trollies that have the special car seat racks? Or the ones that you put baby straight into the lay down seat? Yes, well I can’t use them. For several reasons. 1) I can’t lift the carseat/baby high enough. 2) If I could reach I wouldn’t be able to see where I’m going. So what does a 4ft 8in parent do?! Shove the carseat in the smaller trolley and cram your shopping around it and in any little gap possible. Effort! Then when you come to the checkout and have to turn the carseat round just to fit the bags of goodies back in the trolley!!! Someone needs to invent a more practical trolley for smaller parents… I just can’t accept that I’m the only parent out there that this issue effects! Therefore, I’m going to write to some supermarkets. Is that too much?!

Anyway I’ve had a good day and managed to get everything done that needed doing. Although I did forget to buy P1 some newcsocks

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  1. I know what you mean about the shopping carts. I am a 5′ 2″ mommy of two little girls and I hate this. My littlest girl is old enough now to sit, we’ll to squirm in the seat but it was a pain in the early days.

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