Sibling Differences

It was inevitable that my daughters would be very different. Right from the beginning of my parenting journey when P1 was born prematurely, she set the motions for the future, for the right now. She’s so different to her younger sister and as P2 grows the differences stand out like a sore thumb. A bit like the lack of hair P2 has compared to her sister at this age.

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At 17 months old, P1 was taking her first wobbly steps of independence. At the same age, P2 has been walking for the past 5 months! P1 was putting together short sentences at this age whereas P2 only has a small vocabulary dictionary at the moment. They are different people with different minds. Parenting P2 has been and still is a whole new learning curve. She’s a normal toddler that runs off and climbs things. She’s not the toddler I had four years ago that would sit next to me colouring in her book.

Day trips or outings are where I’m completely out of my comfort zone. P1 used to sit quite happily in her pram for hours on end if need be, whereas P2 cannot stand being in it. A trip to Tesco is far too much for her to cope with. Although she’s a happy, funny and cheeky little lady, I do find going out in public with P2 so stressful! Someone has to have their eye/hands on her at all times. She’s fast, very fast, and will dart between people and into people. Hubby and I will be having a conversation about what pizza to buy and P2 will be darting off in the other direction leaving our conversation hanging.

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We laugh and joke about it every time we get back into the car or safety of our home. P2s a menace. An average, healthy and energetic little girl. Although I wish P1 had life a little easier with physical things, I do feel very lucky to have never had to worry about her dashing off into danger because she’s always wanted to be near me for stability.

Do your siblings have major differences? Similarities?

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