Siblings 2016 – August

I think every body says it every single month but this year is really zooming by. I am still struggling to understand how at the end of next month I will be a year older and we’ll have a two year old too!

My siblings photo for this month was a complete spontaneous capture. I took my big camera to the park which is something I am doing more often. I was just getting little shots of the girls playing then I spotted a great chance to get them all together at the bottom of the slide.


P1 Is Loving:

  • The school holidays
  • Being at the after school club holiday scheme for one week
  • Getting up by herself and going downstairs to play on the iPad

P2 Is Loving:

  • Her family more than ever
  • Going to different parks
  • Asking owners to stroke their dogs

P3 Is Loving:

  • Her new toy cars from Nannie
  • Sleeping through the night most nights
  • Her dinosaur shoes from Aldi

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  1. awww love pics of the kids together.

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