Siblings 2016 – December – Looking Back On The Year

I was really proud of myself in 2015 for completing a full year of the Siblings Project. I’m always pretty lousy at sticking to things with my blog but for some reason this photography project and linky has always meant something special to me. It’s a way of physically seeing the changes that happen each month. I’ve added last year’s collection of photos to reminisce over. 


Moving on to this year. I can’t believe I managed to do another full year. I gathered all of the photos together today and was really shocked by the differences there are since January. Their faces have changed, they’re hair has grown longer, and I actually can see a closer bond grow just by looking at the photos. I’ve included each one separately and finishing with December.












And finally, our very last 2016 Siblings photo. This year has been completely packed full of fun for my girls. We definitely have ended our siblings project with a bang. I captured this photo last week when we were so incredibly lucky to have Santa arrive at our house with two of his reindeer. The girls were in awe of it and I definitely think in the past month and since our holidays, they are grown much closer. P3 is talking more and that means they are all forming a friendship that includes her too.


I have every intention to join in with the Siblings Project next year. It’s something I’ve become quite passionate about. So all I have left to say is that I’ll see you in the New Year for more Siblings photos and hopefully a growing relationship.

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  1. oh what a wonderful calendar of pictures you have collected x

  2. Such adorable little girls!

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