Siblings 2016 – February

Literally just last night we entered a new phase in their sibling journey, sharing a room together. Ok, P1 and P2 have shared for about two years now and that has gone so well but yesterday we swapped the rooms around and now all three girls are sharing one bedroom. One bit of space.

In an ideal world, P1 would have her own room, her grown up space and the other two would share being closer in age but for now, I was desperate for some space from being their mum I guess. By putting them all in one room it means I have a little bedroom all to myself (well obviously shared with hubby). 

P3 is smacking which has been taught by P2 mainly who has been pushing her baby sister away a lot and snatching toys. I can see P3 watching her big sisters so closely that it scares me. They are definitely her inspiration. She loves them dearly and it’s so sweet to watch her alongside them, attempting to join in with their big girl games.


P2 has grown so much in this past month and even in the last week or so where she’s now 3. Her imagination has gone wild and she really adds to the games she plays with her big sister now. Like I said, she’s struggling to accept and find her relationship with P3 but it is getting better. There are times when she’s holding her hand and showing her new things at the playgroups. That melts my heart.

P1 is the leader. Through and through. Her bossiness is incredibly frustrating for me as I really want her to be the responsible one that shows her two sisters how to behave. Being leader helps sometimes and despite being super bossy, both P2 and P3 really enjoy her company the majority of the time. Especially this month.

It’s the first day of the school half term and I captured these photos whilst they were playing in their new shared girls bedroom. They aren’t fantastic but they signal the start of a new adventure for them.


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  1. Lovely photos of your girls. I can’t wait to have a sibling for my daughter and see them together x

  2. Lovely photos, I hope they are getting on well in one room together x

  3. oh how cute. I think it must be lovely for sisters to share a room together. Especially as they get older. These photographs are really sweet and show that your girls have a lovely bond. I love the idea of P2 holding P3’s hand and showing her things at play group. That is adorable. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. How cute are these pics! My girls are typical sisters,love each other one minute, arguing the next! he he!

  5. Such lovely girls. I love watching the way siblings interact, it’s how they learn about the world and forging relationships. I hope they all get on well in their new room x

  6. Such beautiful photographs. My two have the smallest room and need to share. Baby is in with us currently but my eldest is so excited for when they share.

  7. So cute! If I ever have more than one child, i’d love them to share a bedroom together! What lovely photographs you have taken x

  8. I quite like the idea of my two sharing but I’m not convinced they would ever both go to sleep!

  9. Pamela | Life With Munchers

    So cute! We have 2 girls and I love watching them together.

  10. aww what beautiful photos. I love seeing photos of siblings playing together. I was an only child and would of loved a brother or sister popping over from Mummy2Monkeys

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