Siblings 2016 – January

For me the Siblings Project starts another year, our second year and once again I’m a little bit late in getting photos and posting.

Our weekends are the only time that my girls get to spend quality time as a threesome. The rest of the week is dotted with P3 spending time on her own, or just P2 and P3 with a few hours in the evenings as a three.

Life at home with my three daughters has been pretty intense lately. They are all finding new confidence and in P3s case her own opinions with new words. P2 is testing boundaries and P1 is just unbearably trying. But on a whole they have been getting on quite well.

I have decided that for this year’s Siblings Project I don’t want to write too much but rather share their pictures each month with a quick update. I really enjoy flicking through other peoples photos and seeing cute little snippets of a bond forming. It changes each month yet things stay the same too. So here’s our January Siblings Photos:






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  1. Cute girls. They look like they get on great. Is there a lot of fights lol

  2. Aw fabulous, they all look so happy together. I love that top photo of them all under the stools, so cute and natural!x

  3. They are such a gorgeous trio. It must be lovely to have these photos to look back on when they’re older. It’s great that you’re making the effort to capture these special moments between siblings.

  4. It’ll be great to see how their relationship develops in photos – and of course (whispers) how they grow up.

  5. I think it’s a lovely idea to do more photo based blog posts, us bloggers tend to write so much, we can forget a photo tells a thousand words xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’ve never liked them as I feel they make my blog look empty but I’m learning to embrace the photo posts this year.

  6. Oh gosh your girls are absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully I will be able to join in with the siblings project in a few years.

  7. Aww, lovely photos. Sometimes that’s better that 1000 words. How close are they in ages?

  8. Lovely post it’s really nice to look back on how they grow as siblings and how their relationships change! Cute photos! x

  9. Such gorgeous photos – gosh your eldest daughter is the absolute image of you! Kaz x

  10. Aah bless them — they’re gorgeous! I have so enjoyed the Siblings project — it’s lovely to see how other children get on with their brothers and sisters — and also to ring the changes throughout the year! I love looking at the full set of 12 pics at the end of the year — my twins had changed SO much!!! Lovely post 🙂

  11. You have such beautiful daughters. Gorgeous photos!!! I hope they’ll be friends for life. Nothing is as strong as the bond sisters have. x #love2blog

  12. Ah what gorgeous photos! Having 3 girls is intense, but so much fun don’t you think? And in a few years that’s 3 shopping partners too 🙂 x x

  13. I love these posts! It’s so lovely capturing who siblings interact. Your girls are gorgeous! X

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