Siblings 2016 – July

I say it every month but this year is just zooming past at a super rapid speed. We are in the seventh month which of course means we are now over half way through 2016. Personally I’m already looking forward to Christmas but I’ll try keep that one quiet for now. So we are on to the next lot of Siblings photos. 

It’s the second month in a row where my photos have been done in advance and not rushed. I blooming love these photos purely because they scream out each one of my girls personalities. I’m even quite pleased they all posed to some extent. It also signals a special day where we went strawberry picking as a family for the first time.


P1 Is Loving – 

  • Playing hockey at school on a Friday
  • Minecraft on her iPad
  • Eating jacket potatoes at school


P2 Is Loving – 

  • Riding her balance bike with her new helmet
  • Eating ice lollies or a kinder egg after nursery
  • Singing in her Summer Song Time performance at nursery


P3 Is Loving – 

  • Dinosaurs
  • Going to the park after playgroup
  • Saying the word “no”

So there we have it. Another Siblings post over and done with. Did you like the new format? I just wanted to highlight a few things they each love each month and hopefully as the years go by I can look back on these and remember the phases of minecraft and the innocence of dinosaurs. What have you been up to this month?

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  1. Oh what cute photos of them!

  2. Lovely post hun and what little cuties!! No is a favourite here sometimes too! x

  3. Such a cute pic of them all enjoying each others company and remember what they were loving x

  4. Aw lovely post and such cute photos. It’s nice to have a memory of what they enjoyed each month, lovely to look back on xx

  5. Oh, that No word… I wish it wasn’t in their vocabulary! I love these photos, they’re all looking more similar as they get older!

  6. Ah so sweet! Don’t worry, I`m looking forward to christmas too…I start counting down from June lol x

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