Siblings 2016 – March 2016

Being a member of a 3 part sister bond must be extremely hard. There’s always someone to fight against for attention, for cuddles and generally with each other. I worry daily about their relationships with each other.

Part of me feels that P1 is pushed aside due to school, that she doesn’t get very much time with her sisters to bond whereas the other two have every day, near enough, to be with each other and go out together.

2016-03-14 16.31.36-1

2016-03-14 16.34.35

There’s a lot of aggression coming from P2 this month. Various incidents with scratching, spitting and pushing her sisters. It stems from P1s behaviour and thankfully I think she’s finally seen the error of her ways as she received three lovely scratch marks on her back from her sister.

P3 bless her, she spends so much time watching her sisters. Absolutely desperate to be a part of her big sisters world and their games but forever getting pushed out. I really want the other two to allow her to join in but I just don’t think they are at that stage yet.

2016-03-14 16.32.03-1

2016-03-14 16.32.23

Of course there are times when I can clearly see that awesome family bond they have. When P2 is feeling vulnerable and clings on to her big sister, when P3 clambers into bed with her sisters to give them kisses at bedtime and when P1 helps when they need her.

On good days, these three are the best of friends. Holding hands and laughing. That’s the best, the giggles and the smiles. These girls have the potential to be the best of friends.

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  1. awww sibling dynamic is definitely full of ups and downs. Mine are often fighting and then the next minute they are upset coz one of them is out of the room. x

  2. Lovely photos of your girls. I’m sure the older they get, the closer they will be. My sister and I never got on well when we were smaller but are super close now xo

  3. Gorgeous girls. It must be nice having sisters so close in age, there’s 8 years between me and my sister and I always felt like I missed out x

  4. What beautiful girls you have. They’ll find their way together i’m sure xx

  5. this is lovely – I have a lot of sisters and we are all such good friends now. it wasn’t always that way when we were younger but think thats pretty normal when you’re all close in age

  6. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    Oh this is so my household! My boys are the best of friends – there is 19/20 months between them and they adore each other… until they don’t. Then I have to separate them, like this morning. It’s a roller coaster for sure! H x

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