Siblings 2016 – May

Being one piece to a three part gang must be quite tricky at times. Fighting for attention from your parents, from other people, from each other. I say this every month but my girls really do love each other’s company. In fact they do flourish best together and of course they can be fierce as a three too!

2016-05-08 17.58.44

The hotter weather means we have been able to go out more as a family. We’ve had a holiday in the past month too. As they’re growing bigger things are actually becoming a little harder mainly due to the fact they are all so individually different when we go out; P1 preferring her own company, P2 being super confident and P3 needed reassurance continuously. 

Normally we head to the park with just one or two children in the week, but with the evenings brighter and warmer I have ventured down there with all three by myself. That first trip with them was slightly terrifying. They were all in different directions. We need eyes at the back of our heads. 

2016-05-14 11.47.51

Things are definitely never quiet with three girls and I know you shouldn’t wish their childhood away, but I am honestly so excited for them all to be older than three, able to communicate and be a little easier (hopefully) to tame when we go out.

I think next month I’m going to mix it up a bit with the Siblings posts, ask the girls 5 questions about that month or something similar because it feels quite hard to think of something to write when they’re not really changing too much as each month passes. What do you think?

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  1. I absolutely love their dresses. So sweet. Beautiful photos too. xx

  2. Gorgeous photos and I love their little dresses. A little interview post is a great idea; out of the mouths of babes and all that, could be a real giggle x

  3. Lovely photos Jodie, they’re all looking so grown up especially P3! I think its a great idea to ask them all some questions for next months πŸ™‚ x

  4. Oh they are all looking so grown up now! They’re gorgeous and your house is going to be filled with giggles and squabbles for years and years. Perfect! xx

  5. I think an interview style post would be a good idea. My kids say the most ridiculous things anyway! πŸ˜‰

  6. Gorgeous photos πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about finding something to write when they’re not changing too much month on month, which is certainly happening with my lot!

  7. Such a lovely post what lovely photos of ur girls I especially love the ones taken in the ball pool

  8. I am really loving these siblings posts! The project is such a great idea. If your girls end up anything like me and my sisters, they’ll be raiding each other’s wardrobes and mak-up drawers in no time πŸ˜› x

  9. OH I love taking shots in the ball pool. They are always so colourful and fun.

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