Siblings 2016 – November

This past month has been an absolute crazy one for us as a family. We’ve spent it partly in USA and when in the UK we’ve been in three different counties. There has been so many opportunities for making memories for us as a family but also for my girls as sisters. I have really enjoyed watching them this month and have seen bonds get strengthened.

Halloween was a really cute time for them as P1 got all excited about it and helped her sisters to get dressed up. Watching P1 and P2 Trick or Treating together was so heart melting. They have generally been getting on really well recently and P2 always asks for P1 when she’s at school. They create some amusing games together and although P1 is definitely super bossy, P2 is finding her feet and challenging who’s boss in their sibling pack.


It’s been super interesting this month with regards to P3. She is talking more and more each day which means she’s able to communicate her needs or dislikes to her big sisters. This has caused many frictions and arguments that can only be described as cat and dog. But it’s also meant that she can get closer to her sisters and be involved in all their games now. She’s becoming quite a fiery part of the gang. P3 adores P2 but I’m not sure it’s quite received the same way for P2.


As the girls are getting older they are becoming much easier to manage. As such. Of course things aren’t red roses the entire time but my girls are so funny. Their little characters are changing all the time and it’s just wonderful to be a part of watching them grow.

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