Siblings 2016 – October

We are well and truly in Autumn now. For some reason I feel that family life is a lot harder during the colder months. It’s so much more planning and prepping just to step outside your house. Do we need wellies? Do we need coats? What kind of coat, a big thick one or a nice thin rain mac? It’s stressful and for me it’s three times the agro.


This month’s siblings photos have sort of crept up on me. I have no idea where the past month has gone and was completely unprepared when I looked at my calendar for it to be just a few days away from the schedule time that my siblings post goes live normally. So I rushed the girls to the park to capture some photos, forgot my big camera and had three very uncooperative children as showcased in this photo:


However, I still think that the photos I took this month really express each of my girls personalities perfectly. It’s quite funny really. P3 is communicating more and more each day and this is having some effects on her two sisters because they aren’t used to it. P2 especially is having a hard time adjusting to a more confident, self minded little sister and so reacts badly at times towards her. P1 however, is just taking things in her stride and is able to actually play with her youngest sister which is nice .


I feel a little sad that the pretty summery dresses and colours are now gone. But at the same time I am excited about getting their all in one rain suits which mean we can still have many adventures whatever the weather. I am really looking forward to this October Half Term where the girls can spend quality sibling time together again.

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  1. I love their rain suits! I agree it is so much harder to entertainin the colder months – and of course to capture photos too but these are lovely all the same x

  2. These are fab all in one rainsuits haven’t seen these. So cute. I am with you though I do miss the dresses of summer on MM. Nice to still get out though in the cooler months so layers are a must. #siblingsproject

  3. thereadingresidence

    Ah, they all look so sweet together in their matching rain suits! It does seem harder to leave the house in the colder months, I know what you mean, a lot more wrapping up!

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