Siblings 2016 – September

For the most part of last month my girls spent a lot of time together. Everybody is now back at school and routines have returned. I think I’ve grown to love the summer holidays. Previously they always seemed like such a daunting time but the reality of the recent holidays was that the girls have formed an incredibly tight bond. They’ve really learnt to play with each other better.


P1 Is Loving:

  • Pretending to be a baby turtle on the beach whilst on holiday.
  • Going to a Num Noms event.
  • Having a long weekend at her Grandparents by herself.

P2 Is Loving:

  • Mia & Me on Netflix.
  • Going on park adventures.
  • Playing the bus lotto before bed.

P3 Is Loving:

  • The make shift paddling pool in our “garden”.
  • Her baby dolls.
  • Perfecting her running skills.

I can’t believe it’s September already. That in just a few weeks I will have a birthday and wedding anniversary and we’ll be celebrating our youngest turning two years old! The past month has brought so many memories for us as a family and for my girls as sisters. I’m forever thankful for this summer!

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  1. I agree I was a little daunted by the summer holidays but actually didn’t want them to end!

  2. beautiful pics, sounds like everyone is having lots of fun x

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