Siblings 2017 – April

We’ve made it to the end of the Easter holidays. Two full weeks of having my girls at home and with another one more with two of them. It’s been nice not having early mornings and routines, I used to hate the school holidays but I really relish the more relaxed vibe. The weather has even been relatively kind to us.

P1 is still loving Minecraft and has worn her new top many days in a row. Shes progressing well at school and has finally shown an interest in home learning. She’s started taekwon-do lessons and loves them. 

P2 is talking about big school more. She’s excited that her Nanny’s guinea pig is having a baby. Her horse riding confidence is growing each time. She’s loving visiting the library each week and reading books at bedtime. 

P3 is throwing ginormous tantrums. Her social confidence is growing slowly. She enjoys her own company rather than playing with her sisters. She’s showing definite signs of being ready to potty train but is super stubborn about using the toilet. 

Having three children to demand at you constantly has never felt harder than it has this month. I’m drained from the constant tantrums, the school routines and the demands of general life. The girls are getting bigger and our home space feels smaller than ever. Scratching beneath all of the stress of being a large family, my girls are actually getting along quite well.

 They are showing more affection towards each other at times. Sometimes I’ve caught them sitting hugging in front of the telly or P3 will randomly cuddle or kiss them. P2 has been very kind towards her little sister when we have been out, keeping an eye on her. P1 has got into a habit of making breakfast for the three of them and has been helping out loads lately. I definitely feel like we’re having more fun together this month.

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  1. Can’t believe how big P3 looks in these pics actually Jodie (I think it’s her hair!)

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