Siblings 2017 – August

Like I said in the July Siblings post, the chaotic way of life was definitely not going to subside any time soon and I was so right. We are now well in the swings of the school holidays. In fact although I am going slightly insane, they really are flying by in a blur! It feels crazy already that it was about two weeks ago that we were glamping in the countryside!

P1 has had the toughest time since the school holidays started. Change of routines and situations effect her quite badly and this time has been no different. We have had some behaviour issues and it honestly feels like she’s living in another world sometimes. However, P1 has been such a big help to me too. She has offered to wash up on many occasions. She really enjoyed going to Longleat and Glamping recently too as being outside has calming effects for her.

P2 was in her element when we went to LEGOLAND, she absolutely adores rides and that day was so perfect for her. She’s been having some trouble understanding her emotions this month with anger being one we are struggling with. We have got all of her school uniform ready for September and it feels so surreal that she will be in Primary school by the next Siblings photo. She’s also been looking super trendy with her clothing thanks to some hand me down items from friends, I am very jealous of they way she can pull off different styles.

P3 has suddenly grown up in the past few weeks. She is becoming more social as the day goes by and it has honestly shocked me. She will be making a huge step in her life and going to nursery in September. We are experiencing less crying episodes but she is still the most demanding child ever. She is totally in love with the guinea-pigs, she will get them out and play imaginary games with them. Her speech is incredible, she makes us laugh so much when she’s in a good mood. She’s a very complex character who hates busy places but will thrive in a less crowded environment. We are definitely looking forward to seeing how nursery shapes her.

The last school holidays made me so excited for this one. The girls played amazingly together and flourished in each others company. But it could not be more opposite this time around. P2 has been arguing more than ever with P3 which is possibly down to P3 being able to communicate and has found confidence in herself. P1 is craving her own space which is hard in our tiny home and the fact her younger sisters adore her company. They have moments when they play all day long and are laughing so much that I want to cry tears of joy. But I am going slightly insane and am thankful for some child free moments if I’m completely honest!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear the girls are being a bit wearing. I hope you have lots of things planned for the last two weeks of summer!

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