Siblings 2017 – January

This is the start of our third year taking part in the Siblings Project. I am pretty grateful that Lucy at Dear Beautiful came up with this linky project. It means that I can watch my girls grow in their relationships all in one place each month.

This year I wanted to do things a little differently. I took more inspiration from Lucy who is sharing a weekly photo of all of her three children. I want to take that concept and post one photo of my girls in this siblings post along with one of them together. Under each photo I want to write about their highlights individually and then gather it together for the group shot.

P1 turned 8 years old in the past month. She has grown in attitude. She went to her first sleepover party. She’s been enjoying learning about the Egyptian times at school. She is still obsessed with Minecraft.

P2 has returned to nursery after a whole month off. She’s loves to bake. Her best friend is Lottie. She enjoys watching Horseland on Netflix. Her obsession with dogs, specifically chihuahuas, is still stronger than ever. 

P3 has a split personality. She’s hilarious and tiring all at once. She is getting more confident on her scooter. She doesn’t like being in her pushchair and wants to walk or scoot. She loves to watch me cook. She’s becoming more confident at Gymboree and playgroup.

The saying “twos company, threes a crowd” seems to ring quite true with our little trio. P1 and P2 are pretty close and enjoy the games they imagine together, they also love playing endless hours of Minecraft and P1 has taught P2 pretty well. Then P2 and P3 can be super cute with P2 finding entertainment in making P3 laugh. But put them all together and there’s usually lots more arguments to break up.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the new layout for my Siblings posts. I think I prefer this way so that I don’t feel so guilty for stopping writing monthly letters to each of them. I think that getting a group photo of the girls is going to become more tricky, P3 especially hates being asked to pose these days but I’m hoping I might be able to bribe them.

See you next month!

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  1. Our son also loves Minecraft!

  2. Great idea to do individual ones too! Love the strawberry pic – her eyes are stunning!

  3. I love the feet shot and the individual ones are lovely too, I wanted to start capturing mine individually as it is hard sometimes to separate the updates out. x

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