Siblings 2017 – March

We’ve finally been busier this month and with the weather warming up on the most part, I’ve had an enjoyable month. The girls are getting more opportunities to bond with each other which is always welcome. We’ve had a few travel opportunities too. I’ve picked some of my favourite photos for this month.

P1 is loving starting her new taekwon-do class. She also gained a new badge at her Brownie group. Her appetite has grown considerably in the past month which is brilliant for her growth but not so great on our cupboards.

P2 has had several riding lessons and adores it. She’s been loving using her balance bike on the school runs. She has become quite clingy again. She is still obsessed with Mia and Me on Netflix. We introduced her to the library.

P3 is back to her cheeky self after a chest infection took hold last month. She’s loving going to her playgroup and having her Gymboree lesson. She has enjoyed watching some new-to-her Disney films. She loves a library book that is about a dinosaur getting a bath.

This is my absolute favourite sibling photo I’ve ever taken! I somehow managed to capture their expressions right at the perfect time. We recently went to Broadstairs and spent every evening on the beach. They look happy and I love how P2 is cuddling up to P1. That’s quite a rare sight. It’s made me realise that I need to just take the natural shots more.

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  1. Such lovely pictures, we didn’t use a balance bike and as a result our daughter refuses to ride her bike…

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