Siblings 2017 – May

Is anyone else getting super annoyed by the ever changing weather? I know we are in England and it’s expected but my golly I don’t know whether I am coming or going. I never know whether to pack winter coats or dress them in summer dresses. P2 especially has wanted to wear her sandals even when it is raining.

This month P1 has jumped on the new craze of the Fidget Spinner. She’s still playing Minecraft like there’s no tomorrow but she’s also found a new game called Township which she has enjoyed learning to play. She has is soon going on a little day trip with her Brownie group.

P2 has grown in her confidence with horse riding, especially in the past few weeks. She too loves her new Fidget Spinners. She has been talking about big school a lot this month. P2 has cried happy tears over her two new guinea-pigs. Finally she is consistently saying good morning to her nursery teachers.

P3 has been on a potty training journey this month. It feels like she’s suddenly grown up. She has been building a collection of toy cars. She has been enjoying playing with new children at a new playgroup this month. P3 also thinks that 6am on the dot is a good time to start the day.

It’s funny when I think of their relationships. P2 seems really lost if we go out and do something without her big sister. They are really close now and poor P1 comes home from school and immediately is bombarded by requests to play by her younger sisters. P3 is gradually becoming a part of their games more recently but there’s still a long way to go. I love how they are all encouraging her to use her potty or the big toilet.

We’ve had a few family day trips and swimming too and I have felt a little more capable when it comes to going out with all three of them. They seem to be easier now that they are growing older and bigger. They are more understanding of what we expect from all of them. This mutual respect as such is making life so much happier!

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