Siblings 2017 – November

I am very late uploading this. In fact I think it’s the latest I’ve published my Siblings post ever! It’s been a hectic month for us as a family with lots of adventures and settling in to our new home. Generally life seems the busiest it has ever been and I’m struggling to juggle everything.

P1 has been leading a busy school life this past month. She has four mornings where she has to be in super early. She is really loving having her own room and making it her own special place. She has had some friendship struggles this month and we’ve been making sure she feels included in everything during home life. She loves to sew and even managed to fix her beloved Pikachu toy recently.

P2 is skipping everywhere. She seems to have this light that follows her, until after school time when she is an emotional wreck. She keeps asking us when we are getting a puppy or kitten, it’s starting to make us feel super guilty. She loved her first disco as a primary school student, her dance moves were just awesome! Parents evening also went really well for her.

P3 has been doing really well at nursery. She’s making friends and talks about her day. She is really enjoying baking with Mummy but is definitely a Daddy’s girl this month. We have had quite a few tears from her this month but on a whole she’s been such a funny character to be around. She’s got into a little routine of going to sleep in her pushchair on the walk home from nursery, it’s perfect!

These three girls of mine are hard work but I feel like they’ve been much easier to be around this past month. They are arguing with each other a little less and enjoying autumnal walks and day trips. I just love how different they are yet seem closer due to similarities. I feel like they are learning a better understanding of each other and that has helped them communicate their friendships and bonds.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Jodie. Hopefully as the girls spend time apart at school and nursery, they will learn just how valuable they are to each other!

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