Siblings 2017 – September

September is a big month for us. I can’t believe that we are half way through it already! This month has signified big changes in our routines with back to school, two of the girls starting new places and we’ve still got two birthdays and a wedding anniversary to look forward to by the end of September.

P1 is now in Year 4. She seems to be really motivated by school the past few weeks and has wanted to get her homework completed. She is interested in playing the Sims game which is a blast from my past. She loves reading her Harry Potter book at bedtime and writing her own stories in her notebooks. I love how she has an interest in YouTube and creating her own videos, she created this one with her Nanny.

P2 finished her first week of primary school and loves it, although it’s only mornings at the moment. She adores her guinea-pigs just a little too much. She’s becoming more confident with her horse riding and keeps asking to ride on a road because she saw someone else do it. She loves to paint especially face paints with her sisters.

P3 has had the biggest shock to her system these past two weeks. She’s started preschool and goes four mornings a week. She’s happy there, just not at drop off. P3 loves her cars and trains, especially her trains this month. I can’t believe this girl is turning three at the end of the month. She’s doing really well with potty training. This girl is so obsessed with her Mummy still and is definitely my little shadow.

This month the girls recreated one of our very first months of the Sibling Project. Realistically they were just being really cute then P2 said “This is like that photo when we were little”. Take a look at that post from the March 2015 Siblings post, look how little they are!! We’ve had a busy month and we are all adjusting to big changes in our lives. I am looking forward to seeing how the following month will shape.

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  1. They look so big in this picture when compared to the last one!

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