Siblings 2018 – April

I have managed to capture lots of sibling moments this month, mainly from our holiday to the Isle Of Wight, but I am leaving those images for my diary posts that will all be going live very soon. These photos are from a little earlier on in the month.

We have been doing so much more in the past month as my blog experiences picked up a little bit. Days out and holidays always give the girls a chance to bond far greater than their every day life.

P1 and P2 spend a lot of time bonding over the iPad. They have a common interest in Pokemon, Minecraft and Roblox at the moment which is really sweet. That’s where they find their grounds for communication and adventures.

However, when it comes to play and having fun, P3 is where P2 finds that. Being the middle child I think that P2 gets the best of both worlds. She has down time and talking with her big sister, and laughter with P3. P3 adores P2, they fight like cat and dog but they are so close.

Who’s ready for some sunshine? I am. Leave me a comment below and don’t forget I am on all the social medias at @lwpprincesses and am uploading to my Insta-Stories now too.

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  1. P2 is definitely able to be the bridge as the girls are so young at the moment!

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