Siblings 2018 – December – Looking Back On A Year

So much can change in a month. Our biggest change which I want to talk about separately as soon as I can catch my breath from the Christmas chaos, is that Eva got a space in the new school that we had moved Freya too. It happened far quicker than we ever anticipated and we are obviously thrilled. Eva has settled well too.

Another big thing I suppose is that I’ve decided to start using their names properly. It’s been something I’ve battled with in my mind for a while. I took the plunge in revealing properly on my social media A few months ago, so it only felt fit to follow suit here. I like things to be fluid throughout.

I can’t believe it’s the end of another year with my siblings and taking part in these siblings posts. Traditionally I like to take a look back on our year and of course I’m going to do that too. Ending with our last siblings photo of 2018. I hope you enjoy this little look back on our year.

I got a bit emotional looking through all of the different months. We had snow back in March and then we were blessed with the longest, warmest summer. We had some amazing opportunities to get involved in and it’s also been a year of lots of changes. So I suppose all that’s left is to share our last siblings photos of 2018! Of course I had to have the girls in their Christmas onesies on my Christmas bedding set. Have a brilliant Christmas and a wonderful new year!! See you in January for another sibling post.

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  1. These pictures are so cute. I love the one where they are dabbing!

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