Siblings 2018 – January

It’s a brand new year. 2018 will be the fourth year we have taken part in the Sibling Project that is run by the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful. I have tried many linky things in the past but none have quite stuck like this one. It’s a monthly blog post where I showcase my daughters and talk about their relationships with each other.

They finally seem to be cottoning on to the fact I was a photo of the three of them together. They will pose for a few seconds for me to capture something worth using on here. I love that this pushes me to take photos of them together because it’s actually quite rare that they are together as a unit.

September changed them, with P2 starting school and P3 at nursery everything changed. The time they spend as a three has significantly reduced but it has meant that when they get to be together it’s more precious. They probably don’t realise just so but one day they will.

I can still see divides between them, P1 and P2 tend to chat with each other more especially about what interests them. They have a common fascination with the iPad and P1 believes she’s teaching her things, they also are both quite into Pokemon at the moment.

P3 tends to gravitate towards P2 for reassurance, for play and love. Most of the time the love part gets bounced back by P2 and so P1 is more likely to be the one found cuddled with her youngest sister. P2 and P3 definitely clash the most out of all of them. I think they are very alike yet very different and this causes quite a few clashes. The small age gap is probably playing a part to that.

There’s a few moments each week when we only have two children. It’s funny because the girls tend to look a little lost and confused and definitely demand more attention when there is only two.

I am looking forward to how 2018  folds out with my girls. How they change themselves and together. I am going to keep it this sort of format I think, last year I did individual photos as well but I want to go back to it being about the relationships they share with each other.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. I love P3’s face when the other two are kissing her haha. I remember reading when P1 and P2 were always the two fighting – interesting to hear it’s changed.

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