Siblings 2018 – July

I’m going to dare to say it… Did you realise we are now closer to next Christmas than last Christmas? I know scary!! This month we have been blessed with amazing weather. The weather my little tribe was made for. It has allowed us to be so much more free with our adventures. 

As my three girls grow older they are becoming easier. More fun. I know that may sound a little mean but the independence they are each growing is making the way we interact as a family much smoother. We can negotiate better with them, we can plan bigger and exciting days out.

I am probably like most other parents at the moment and counting down the days until the summer holidays begin. P3 is actually now officially on her holidays so the next week will be quite tough for us as she becomes super demanding and needy when she’s on her own. She is really loving the company of P2 specifically but much prefers to play by herself which totally contradicts what I’ve just said about her demands when alone. She’s going through a phase of being a cat at the moment, she’s been Mittens the cat for over a week now. I wonder when that will end?

Over the past month we had a few rough patches with P2. She seemed to be testing us and herself majorly. It was tough to watch her so frustrated at life in general but we’ve made it out of the other side of that phase and she’s back to her usual cheeky self. Actually recently I’ve noticed how kind she is to other children even receiving a few certificates at school for being a great friend to a new girl in her class who speaks no English. She’s been a great friend to P3 recently too, choosing to do things with her more and more. She’s also been so understanding of P1’s hypermobility, holding her hand when we need to walk faster to steady her big sister. It’s adorable and I’m so proud!

P1 has had a good month. There’s times when she is a real struggle and I feel like my mind is going insane. She’s been really sweet with both her sisters. I have started to notice that when plan days out or is about to do something she’s not sure of, then she becomes dizzy and a bit pale. I have to keep reminding myself to explain every little detail to her to make sure she’s prepared. She’s desperate to start watching the Star Wars movies and is loving singing all of the Greatest Showman songs over and over.

Overall we’ve had a good month since the last Siblings post. I am so looking forward to a slow pace month ahead with lots of family time. Are you?

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  1. this weather really is life changing isn’t it? So much simple fun to have. I also agree about them growing up, whilst I sometimes crave the baby cuddles my girls are so much fun now and I love that it feels like we are all in it together and this is only set to get better. x

  2. Oh they are having so much fun in the sun here. Gorgeous. Have a wonderful summer ahead. #siblingsproject

  3. I love how all three girls relationships change. P1 is probably the perfect age to start watching Star Wars!

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